Water Under the Bridge 1999-2003

I cross the Arno River almost every day of my life at least twice, when I go to work and when I return home. Nearly always I give a quick glance at the water under the bridge. Almost every Florentine does that instinctively; it is one of those things one does without knowing why. A few years ago I decided to make something out of that and for several months I made a point on stopping on whichever river I was and photograph the surface of the water. I did not want to include the city line, which did not interest me; the purpose of this project was to see what the surface of the water reveals about the city I live in. I realized that much of the city's mood and atmosphere is reflected on the river and revealed by infinite subtle variations on the water surface. It changes from day to day at every season. I also discovered that every bridge has a different effect on how the river flows underneath it. A river is like a palm of a hand that unveils much information of the person's character. I have extended this project to other cities which have an important river crossing it. So far I have been able to do Rome, Budapest and Arles.