Temporary Exhibition

This project is part of a long term comission from Rome's new museum for the contemporary art, known as MAXXI. Over 20 photographers where asked to interpret the building site during it's construction. "MAXXI CANTIERE D'AUTORE. Racconto fotografico" was then published and all the works exhibited in the Museum in 2009I visited the museum on two occasions, on the 4th and the 11th of April 2008. I could only work during the building site lunch brake, between 12 and 2 PM, I was escorted by the curator and it felt like I was getting a tour of the museum. So I imagined that the museum was in fact finished and that I was looking at works of art. I started seeing work by Kosuth, Beuys, Kounellis and Duchamp, and it all started to make sense to me.